What To Do When You Are Far Away-My Vision Of A Loving Father

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“For God speaks once, yea twice, yet man perceives it not. In a dream, in a vision of the night, when deep sleep falls upon men, in slumberings upon the bed; then He opens the hears of men, and seals there instructions, that He may withdraw man from his purpose (wrong doings), and hide pride from man. He keeps back his soul from the pit, and his life from perishing by the sword.” (Job 33:14-18)

I had a dream on the 5th of December, 2016 and it goes thus “I saw the whole family preparing for a wedding especially that of my elder brother which in real life has been done anyway (dreams can be funny), relatives from far and near were present and we were discussing about (myself, elder Bro and dad) who will drive him home after the function. There and then, I began to boast of my driving skills. In fact, dad was trying to teach me somethings based on his experience in driving over the years, I just gave him a disdain look, with the mind that I have perfectly handled automatic cars few times, but he, on the other hand is more in tuned with the manual ones.

Not long after this, I saw myself running out with dad’s car on an errand with the intention to quickly return it, but on my way, something just went wrong and I had a problem with the front tyre. ‘Oh! within the shortest time, I will get that fixed at the vulcanizer’s shop’ I immediately conclude within my heart. I found a vulcanizer’s shop, got the tyre removed and while they work on it, I decided to stroll out and get some fresh air only for me to return back after 30 mins and met the tyre unfixed.

I was so mad at them and I started ranting, I even beat up a boy working there for saying what I was not so pleased to hear (I couldn’t believe I could still be that angry anyway). Electrical power was available to complete the last touch for the tyre repair but the boy was encouraging his boss to allow me go home and come back the second day or later in the day to pick up the car.

Time has been wasted, i had disappointed dad, several calls has been placed to reach me in the FAR LOCATION I was FROM HOME but I never picked any except one from my uncle who castigated me for my action, dad also tried calling but i never picked because I couldn’t figure out what to say to him.
I can recall that while I left the vulcanizer’s shop in a bid to get some fresh air, I had tried to fornicate but I failed.

To cut the long story short, I yelled at the vulcanizer till they got the tyre fixed, yet while the tyre was still hot due to the repair, I could not wait for it to cool off but wanted it wheel to be fixed almost immediately.

Alas, as I frantically search for the wheel at the workshop I could not find it, I looked up and saw my dad leaning at the tree opposite the workshop silently observing all my efforts, after getting my attention, he moved closer and gently asked “do you need any help?” What!, I thought you will be mad at me, beat me up or do something really nasty, I just stood there, startled by his daring, loving, kind-hearted and understanding heart, then a question rose in my heart, ” what kind of man has fathered me?” I felt lucky to have him as a Father. And that was when I woke up.

I must say that this was not in any way a fictitious story, I perceived God telling me many things through the dream. My dad is not and can never be God but he acted like one (God). Am not flattering him, but that is how he is, what I saw in my dream is so similar to his nature. For severally, I have seen myself mess up with his things expecting him to be mad at me and all he does was look away from it while getting the probable solutions to the problem leaving me to wonder what type of being he is.

Enough of my earthly dad, let’s talk about my heavenly Father, our Father, who has inspired me both to dream and to write with lots of understanding. Most often, we feel like an expert before God our best and only teacher, looking at His style of bringing us up as old fashioned and outdated. He allows us to enjoy the power of freewill he has bestowed on us, yet when we make mistakes (sins, disobeys), He expects us to call Him and explain the situation of things and ask for forgiveness, but we men will always want to outsmart God by making attempts to cover our mistakes while we do our best to fix the mistakes, like I did with the car.

We desperately hope to go to the Father looking perfect and blameless, just like i tried to repair and return the car without traces of any damage; How possible? Even my earthly Father will always tell me he knows if anyone moves his car from its position when he parks, why? Because he understands everything about what he have and how he keeps them, how much more God.

How on earth do you hope to go to Him who knows and sees all as if nothing happened? He knows you more than you know yourself, He can tell if your heart has been broken, He knows it when you are weary and tired, He sees your tears and can in fact measure it, He owns you, He forms you, not a hair can fall from your head without His knowledge, yet, you try to hide your faults and mistakes, you chose to fix you, fix your mistakes, instead of crying out “Abba! (Father) fix me!”.

Instead of going home to my dad, I decided to take a stroll, this left me vulnerable, I wasn’t where my father sent me, yet, I was not on my way to him to get help. I almost fell into sin, but I know many weren’t that lucky. I was wrong to try to fix my problem, but I was more wrong to seek for comfort in the midst of a crisis.

Heaven is in a pensive mode, anxiously waiting for the outcome of your decisions, yet, you are taking light of the situation. May the enemy not take advantage of you.(Amen)

While we make those frantic and fruitless efforts, God is watching and calling, hoping to get our attention, like the prodigal son, He is waiting day and night, expecting us to come back home in our brokenness. I hear God saying “Oh, DO YOU NEED MY HELP NOW?” or you keep on trying to fix My (your) problem? He (God) needs your humble heart. He understands and sees our efforts. Repent and be converted. His love is deeper than any man’s imagination.

My pride kept me from answering my dad’s calls or going back home to explain what happened. Remember, I had boasted about my driving skills earlier. Nothing keeps a man away from God like pride. Maybe like me, you had boasted in the past, boasted about how knowledgeable and skilled you are, may be you have be raveling in self righteousness, but now, you are in a mess and you don’t know how to face God. God is not a man, He created you, therefore, He never took your boasting serious, be humble, return to Him and watch Him fix you.
Written By Bamise Egbewole

I hope you have been blessed, don’t forget to drop your comment below are share on Facebook and other social media page. Remain blessed!

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