Welcome To December: See How To Succeed in 2018

See How To Succeed in 2018
[dropcap]H[/dropcap]ello famz, welcome to the last month of 2017. Yea right, if you are reading this post, then you deserve hearty congratulations for making it this far, believe me, many, I mean many would have loved to be here, to see this day but they are not here, they are gone, just like that. Ok, you think you have been going through different challenges since the beginning of the year and 2018 is almost here so you are tired and feeling ungrateful? Well, let me break it to you, some dead folks would love to face your challenges, only if they will remain alive, not dead. In fact, some people went through tougher challenges than you are going through, and guess what? They are still dead, so get up and be grateful.

Well, it is December already, this means another new year is already upon us, a year you will definitely get older, and then, a year you will win or lose, get wiser or more foolish, it is all about your choices and decision, this is the reason you need to start planning now. With December comes CHRISTmas, and you know how the holiday season can be, people get busy with lots of frivolities and celebrations going from one ‘owanbe’ (Parties) to the other, and what about the aso-ebi (Party uniforms) and then the plenty food and drinks.

But for a goal getter, December is not all about wining and dining, it is the period to take a look at the past 11 months and plan for the new year. Yes, take a well-deserved rest, party, eat, drink and let your heart be merry, but don’t get lost in the mood…lest you enter the new year empty. So let’s look at some steps to take this December to ensure you have a fulfilling 2018:

1. Take a stock of 2017: You may think the year is yet to end, but technically, it has ended, December is like the closing ceremony, the time we display our medals and trophies. Yes, I agree you can still achieve some things in the last month, but that should not stop you from taking a stock of the past months. Look back and sincerely spell out your achievements in all areas of your life. Have you gotten any better? Have you made the same mistakes you have been making? Which area of your life has witnessed any significant growth? Make a note of this and then go to the nest.

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2. Compare your results: If you set goals at the beginning of the year, this is the time to compare your results with the growth. This will help you to know how far you’ve faired. But if you did not set any specific goal for 2017, don’t worry; it is good to start now.

3. Identify your weaknesses: At this point, you need to be sincere to you. What were your weaknesses in 2017? Were you lazy, easily distracted, disorganized, and inconsistent? Tell yourself the truth.

4. Pray about the new year (for the religious folks. If you are not, skip to the next point): Don’t wait for the new year to arrive before you will start praying about 2018, start praying now, start seeking the face of God on what he will have you do in 2018. Praying now when you still have time will give you clarity, you will enter the year fill and purposeful. In addition to this, you will be able to do the next points effectively.

5. Set goals for 2018: Yes, start setting goals now. It is not too early to know what you want out of 2018 before you enter it.

6. Tackle your weaknesses and challenges ahead: What were the challenges that you faced in the last year and how did you react to them? Although it is a new year, you will end up the same way if you do not change your attitude and lifestyle. So now is the time to figure out how the monster of weaknesses that defeated you last year will not do the same this year.

7. Be grateful: The Year 2017 may not end the way you expected or plan, but you need to maintain a grateful heart. Sadness is not only bad for your health, but it will also make you numb and dull and uncreative, and you will agree that’s a terrible way to start the year. No matter what you have been through, you just need to rise up and tell yourself, “Nothing will kill my hope”. Now that is the spirit.

From all of us here at Life Link With folks, we wish you a great December and a fulfilling 2018 in advance. Kisskiss.

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