Val Fever: Tale Of A Single Girl

Val Fever: Tale Of A Single Girl

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I know people have different opinions about love, some are like me, they also love to love, but some hate the word ‘love’, they believe love is pain, love is wicked, love is cruel, so for that reason, they believe the type of love we all want and desire is crazy.

But not me, of course I have been hurt a few times, but that doesn’t mean I am giving up on love. Valentine is here, and I have no one special to spend it with. But wait o, I think I know what to do, I will just check through my contacts list and see who I can chat up, maybe get into a temporary relationship in order to find someone to spend valentine day with, I must have a good memory of 2017 Val o.

But wait, what happens after Feb 14? Break up with him? Won’t I look cruel and selfish? If I should tell him I only want a temporary fling, someone to mark Val with, I am sure he won’t be down with it. You are wondering who ‘him’ is? Well, let me break the news to you, I already have someone in mind. Duh! My life is not that boring? *Eyes rolling*. Now you are asking why don’t i just get into a real relationship with him.

You see, Adetomiwa is a good person, I like him, but as a friend. I have tried falling in love with him, but no way, I even tried getting close to him some time ago because I was really convinced he was a good catch who deserve a chance, but something was just missing I knew deep down inside me I would be forcing myself into a relationship out of loneliness and desperation if I should opt for him, and I am convinced the guy deserves a woman that will love him truly. So what should I do?

The piece above captures the exact thought a lot of single ladies, mind you, this is not just about ladies alone, it captures the thoughts of guys too. I may not know exactly how the mind of guys work, but I am sure many guys will go into a wrong relationship because of this val fever. And to the very sad part of it, one guy somewhere is leading an innocent girl on at this moment, you know what I mean, someone to love up with between today and weekend, after that, straight to the disposal bin. So sad!

So how does a single girl or dude celebrate val? Before I answer that, let me ask, how does a single girl or boy who is not in any relationship live each day? 100 and more answers… Go to work, visit friends, go to fun places, go to church, visit the cinema, watch TV at home, spend time doing a hobby, the list goes on and on. So if you ask me how should a single person spend val day, I will say, a single person should spend February 14 as he/she use to spend other days.

Sound simple? But in reality, it is not so simple. Why? If I should regard val day like every other day, what about the hype, different talks about val, you log on to your social media accounts and all you see are dps, poems, declarations of love, all coming so hard that you can’t ignore val. To worsen the matter, some friends are actually walking up to you, asking ‘who is your val?’ like having a val will qualify you for heaven lol. There is no season of the year that emphasizes a person’s loneliness like Val day (this is a fact, but no statistics to back it up lol)

Here is my one cent, don’t ignore val like it doesn’t exist simply because you are single. I believe February 14 is the day we. celebrate love, sacrificial love, and this love should not be limited to romantic love alone. So celebrate the love you have at the moment while you wait for more. Give yourself a treat, do something different, something you will remember in years to come and feel good.

Why will you allow the pressure and pleasure of a single day make you do something you will regret later? Go all out and celebrate val today, you may not have a romantic love at the moment, but I am sure you have some love worth celebrating in your life.

For me, I celebrate these people:
I celebrate GOD, the giver of life, the Love who poured Himself into the world and made true love possible. I celebrate my family members, I celebrate those that took me in as family, I celebrate my friends ( I don’t have a long list really lol). I will forever remain grateful for your gift of love, compassion I grace.

I also celebrate my dear Life-Links with folks readers, without you, this blog will be nothing. I love you all! Happy Valentine’s day!

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