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Tired Already? You Need To See This Before You Give Up

 Something happened to me some years ago, it was nothing so unique or spectacular, but it did left some spectacular marks on my heart, whenever I want to give up, I remember this experience and I get encouraged and I hope this will encourage you too.
That year and a couple of years before it were tough for me; it was a season of personal struggle and deep pain. I had tried to get just one thing done and three times, I had failed, my experiences are definitely nothing to be compared with some other people as I learned later on, but to me, the pain of constant defeat was hard to bear, so hard I succumbed to the situations that seemed to be beyond my understanding. I convinced myself I had tried, and I decided to stop moving against the tide, ‘just let me move with it and see where it will take me’. I was certain I cannot get the future I have always wanted because to get it, I needed to fight, and trust me, I had no more battle left in me or so I thought.
Then one Saturday morning, a gloomy one, I had made up my mind to do some laundry, not just me, my Sis wanted to do the same. As I made to get started, the weather changed, the once bright sky became so cloudy and the new day became darkened, it was obvious the sky was pregnant so I decided to cancel my plan to wash. But not my Sis, she went ahead despite the very dark cloud and I was surprised so to speak.  But me, I went back inside to continue whatever I was doing, I mean, it will take a miracle to stop that rain, everywhere was so dark, wind was blowing almost hard and I can feel the rain pouring already.
Then all of a sudden, out of nowhere came this dim brightness in the sky, it didn’t matter at first, the sky was still ready to burst and release it content so no cared about the flicker of brightness. After what looked like a few minutes, the sun had gained more strength and it was obviously winning the battle against the fierce dark cloud. It was not long when I noticed everywhere was bright again and no sign of a single rain.
I was moved deeply within my spirit in a way I had never been moved before, I heard the Holy Spirit minister hope to me in the way I had never experienced. He told me HE the Lord moves in impossible situations, that the sky is so dark right now doesn’t mean the sun cannot come. In a moment, at its own time, things will change for the better and you will not see it coming. No one could change the cloudy morning into a bright one, only He can and that was what He did that morning.
I looked at my Sister, she was almost through with her washing, she saw the darkness but didn’t give up on what she had set out to do, but me, I gave up, and it was when the sun showed up that I started washing, lots of time wasted and purpose almost unfulfilled.
She enjoyed the cool weather, she washed her cloths without sweating much, but me, I did my own laundry under the hot sun, why? I got discouraged and I gave up. She was helped in two ways, a cool weather to work under, and a hot sun to dry her clothes, but me, I got one, or say I got none.
That taught me not to give up on my desires and aspirations because all I can see is darkness all around me, there is time for everything, a time of darkness and a time of light, there is no darkness that light cannot penetrate. Use your season or cloudiness, the season when you feel lost, those moments of emptiness and struggle to your own advantage so that when the light will come, it won’t meet you unprepared or in worst cases unavailable. Remember, our God is still the God of SUDDENLY. Shalom!


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