The N1800 Ankara Gown of Mrs Osinbajo That Taught Ladies To Fly

The N1800 Ankara Gown of Mrs Osinbajo That Taught Ladies To  Fly

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Mrs Dolapo Osinbajo at the Event
I love jackets, blazers, whatever style I can rock that will give me the Olivia Pope type of look. Just a few days ago, I was thinking about my love for clean and sharp blazers and I said to myself. ‘One day, I will be able to spend more than N20,000 on a piece of a blazer and I won’t even feel it in my purse.
Just like me, an average girl has something she can spend her last kobo on, it may be shoes, designer handbags, expensive cologne, clothes,  wig, makeup kits, the list goes on. These things, I call them vanity, a vanity that only a few have learnt to master. Let me ask you, why will a girl, a student use the last money in her account to buy a Brazilian wig when she is yet to pay for her textbooks? Why will anyone use her last cash to pay for a handbag simply because she thinks it is cute only to start going from door to door begging for food to eat (we’ve all had such annoying neighbour right? Are you asking me? I don’t know too, I don’t have answers to every question LOL.
Just today, the beautiful wife of the Vice President of Nigeria, Mrs Dolapo Osinbajo attended a Runway Jazz event in a beautiful attire that cost just N1800, that is about $4, and she looked stunning, she could have told us the Ankara cost about N20, 000 and we would have believed her. Does she have more expensive clothes in her wardrobe? Of course, Mrs Osinbajo must have clothes that are more expensive in numbers, she is the wife of the Vice President of Nigeria for Gods sake and she is not even a sit-at-home-woman. So what should we learn from her show of modesty?
Freedom! Yes, freedom. The truth is, a lot of women are slaves to fashion, the desire to appear expensive all the time. The desire to be the most beautiful and expensive can become so addicting that a mother can use the money meant to feed her children to buy the latest wig in town. But is this really needful? I can remember a joke on a Steve Harvey s show on womens attitude to fashion, he said no matter how many clothes a woman has in her wardrobe, she will still complain of not having something to wear. I have confirmed this to be true. I have seen women whose closets are filled with clothes and yet complain every day of not having something to wear. The desire to have more, to own all will always be there, but we must tame it.
If all you can afford at the moment is a gown that is worth N5000, go for it. That very expensive suit looks good on the mannequin, but it is not a must that you have it, at least not now that you cant afford it, you can wear something cheaper to work and still look sharp and professional. You have to attend that family party and all you are thinking about is how to oppress people with your imported lace material and Prada’s hand back but you dont need to oppress anyone, rather, you can impress us even with the not so expensive Ankara gown like Mrs Osinbajo.
Be free like Mrs Osinbajo, kill the desire to be expensive all the time even when it is not convenient. You may not be satisfied with what is in your closet at the moment, but you can still rock with what you have, Mrs Osinbajo rocked in that outfit. Fashion is a good business, you need to invest into looking good, but fashion is fun when you are free to wear whatever you want.


Go out there and control fashion, dont allow fashion to control you. 
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