The Good Jealousy and The Bad Jealousy… A Short Story

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Katy and Simeon were the type of couple most of us wants to be like, they looked good together, not just that, they seem to understand each other in some ways words  cannot describe.

One time at an event they were both invited to, Clara, a good friend of Katy was seen staring into the ceiling, it was Simeon, popularly called Sim that noticed she hasn’t been talking, he made a sign to Katy to look at her friend and on seeing her, she quickly rushed to Clara to ask what was wrong, but all of a sudden, still staring into the ceiling, Clara said “why can’t Kingsley be like Sim?”
Kingsley is Clara’s boyfriend, but they were more like brothers and sisters, not the ideal one, but the ones than usually have something to fight about all the time. Often time Clara do say she want Kingsley to behave more like the calm and collected Sim and less like a jerk. Once Katy told her “things are not always the way they look Clara, don’t envy a man that hasn’t been through what you have been through, you and Kingsley have been through a lot, but you guys are still here together, strong as ever”, she continued “why will you compare a relationship of 4 years with the one of 3 months? The funny part is, you can’t date a guy like Sim for a month, Kingsley’s craziness complement yours in a good kinda way”.

And just like Katy feared, Sim started showing a side of his she never knew existed. At first, she thought it was cool and even sexy for her man to be protective, make a fuss and get jealous. It made her feel loved and wanted. But after a few months, Sim started taking his jealousy to a different level.

it happens that one day, Katy forgot her phone at home in the morning, she was already half way to work when she remembered and going back home was not an option. Sim on his part has been trying her number, apart from the usual greetings on BBM that morning, they haven’t talked. After trying her line some number of times more and she didn’t pick, he decided to check up on her in her office during lunch time, and that was the beginning of their trouble.

Katy was at the company’s cafeteria with three of her colleagues, among them was Kola, a guy who will do anything to make Katy his, but Katy turned him down mainly because she doesn’t like him beyond the Friendship level, plus, she hates office romance cause to her, mixing business and pleasure is a stupid and unprofessional move. One day, Sim was with her for lunch at the same cafeteria when Kola walked in, so in a light mood, she told Sim about the guy that just walked in and his intention.
So on entering the cafeteria that day, she saw Katy and Kola chatting like old friends and this added to the anger he was coming with. “so this” pointing to Kola “is the reason you’ve not been picking my calls all day? Thought he is not your type and you hates office romance?” before you could say “Jack Robinson”, Sim was out of the building. To say Katy was embarrassed will be an understatement, with everyone looking at her and Kola, she wished the ground will open it mouth and swallow her, but since it looks like the ground too was on a lunch break, she dragged herself back to her office. She later had to call Kola to offer an apology.

This was the beginning of the end of her relationship with Sims. On getting home in the evening, she met Sim in her apartment making dinner. All through the evening, Sim won’t stop apologising for what he did, he even offered to apologise to Kola but she said it won’t be necessary.

Katy tried to put the incidence behind her, but the more she tried, the more Sim messed things up and after each scene, he would apologise and he always knew the right thing to do to make things right… But then, he will do it again.

At a point, Clara felt she was no longer in charge of her life, she must spend every free moment she has with him, and she must give an account of all she did when they were not together, the people she talked to, people she met and so on. At a point, she couldn’t go out to see her friends without him tagging along. Each time she complained, Sim will tell her he is doing that because he loves her and didn’t want to lose her, there was a time he cried on her shoulder, begging her not to leave him.

After sharing her burden with a friend of hers, she decided to end the relationship. Her reason  was that Sim has issues with trust, though she would have loved to help, he wasn’t allowing her to reach out to him because he believed he was right.

Sim had to travel out of the country for a business course which will last for two week. Katy decided to use that opportunity to end it, cause according to her, she can’t wait to have her life back.

My comment

it is cool to get jealous once in a while, in fact, I will advise you do a serious check on someone you are dating who has never gotten jealous or protective of you. It is a normal thing to want to have who we love to ourself, but it is unhealthy and abnormal to allow that desire control us thereby control them too.

Self confidence is usually lacking in people that get all jealous and controlling because they often feel they are not good enough to make the other person stay. But if you are good enough to get them attracted and committed to you, don’t you think you are also good enough to make them stay?

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