Stolen Refuge – A Song Of A Destitute

Stolen Refuge – A Song Of A Destitute

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A closet, A sanctuary, A hiding place,
An asylum from darts, arrows and harms,
A relief, a place of succour, protection and rest,
My Fortitude, My Fortress!

Solitary for a cowardly heart repose,
A place of sinful darkness, yet an abode of saintly light,
Hideout for refreshment, thoughtless thoughts and schemeless schemes,
Oh, my Refuge! Take all, but leave my sanctuary

All may be lost, yet, my sanctuary have a stock.
But then the senseless moment,
The dreaded moment,
Fortitude traded for lesser than a plate of porridge,

So real it was!
Thought it made sense to thine turbulent spirit,
I reckoned it was a courage and a lift for thine soul,
Thought my sanctuary was a keeper for thine priestly thirst.

But Alas! Wrong was I, oh mortal me!
Sanctuary deserted, emptied of its content and power,
Stay not I beg, but is the strength source taken along too?
A place of delight, now a habitat of dread,

Lost my way? Perhaps my place I can not find,
Turbulence for peace, darkness for light, sorrow for delight, tears for water,
All for lesser than a plate of porridge.
Oh Sanctuary, how again I long for thine warm embrace!

Written By Folukemi Ogundiran©

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