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Need To Place More Value On You? Learn from The Restructured Building

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So I used to attend this church since I was little, now, what attracted me to this church back then, I don’t quite understand, all I can remember is that the kids kinda impressed me, anyway, the story of my long romance with the church district is for any other day but today.

Here is the main gist. It happened that after some years, the church board or whatever they were called decided to sell the property for some reasons, according to them, the area was no longer conducive for a church. Yours truly was there for a meeting and guess what the new owner converted the place to, try to guess now, A bar? No no, I know something like that came to your mind lol, but the answer is more dignifying, it was converted into a school, yes, a nursery and primary school, heard the new owner had to spend quite a lot of money to put the place in order because the buildings were being threatened by water.

Right there today, I entered to drop a chair and I took a long look at the altar which formerly housed the pulpit, and somehow, the whole setting looked odd, I mean, it was difficult to picture how the place was before. Of course, the place was restructured to serve it new purpose, but somehow, it was kinda strange I was not able to picture the way it was before though I worshipped there for more than 6 years, if not more.

There and then a reality hit me… That is the state of our life, our dear existence. Some years ago, it was a church, that alter was considered sacred or at least respected, but today, kids play on it, some may even poo on it and it won’t be a big deal.

How a thing is used define it, nothing has got a value on it own. Of course, one person will always be better than the other person, but where the best is, there will be one that will be better than the best available. But don’t be shocked that the ones we see often aren’t necessarily the best materials, but rather, the ones who have put a certain value on themselves, the ones who have come to the understanding that they have the power to define the type of value that people will put on them, the way people will see them, I mean, they took time to define their worth, and who dare define them any other way? Not that people did not attempt to, but hey! they didn’t define their value with words of mouth, but by their actions, by how they chose to see life and live it, so how can anyone redefine them with Mere words?

A champion of yesterday may become a loser of today, the one everyone honours today may be the one nobody knows tomorrow, but still, the one we disregard today may be the most sought after the day after, great hope for you and me right? But then, for the value to change, the ‘use’ must change, I remember I read a newspaper article some years ago about a building in Lagos where Christians worship in the day and club activities take place at night, the building didn’t define its value, the users did. By ‘use’ I meant how we spend our life, carry our selves, and rule our individual world.

The sky is wide, the hawk need not pull down the eagle to fly, they’ve all gotten enough space to prove their worth, to define their value, we all have enough chances and opportunities, if you have to bring down others to place value on yourself, then you are yet to understand the message.

That building was redefined, it was given a new identity, it’s usage changed, so does the value… You. and I need not remain the same.


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