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How Learning To Perform CPR Can Save A Life – Doctor Olulade Ebenezer

Learning How To Perform CPR Can Save A Life - Doctor Olulade Ebenezer

A medical practitioner, Doctor Olulade Ebenezer has emphasized the need to learn how to perform CPR and some other first aid practices.

Sharing a story of a man who had slumped on a football field while playing with his friends, he said the young man’s life might have been saved if CPR was performed on him instead of rushing him to the hospital first.

Read more below:

20 minutes ago, five young men rushed into my office with a man about their size on one of their shoulders.

They slammed his body on the emergency couch and screamed into my face to help them.

I could touch their panic. It was real, visceral, almost dangerous.

“Can someone please talk to me?” I raised my voice to match theirs.

A more composed face began…

“We were playing football together and after kicking a shot into the air, he went down”

I touched the patient’s forehead. He wasn’t sweaty.

His chest was not moving.

He had no pulse.

His pupils were equally dilated.

Mucus sat at the entrance of his nostrils; some splattered on his arms and torso.

They had got him on their shoulder a couple of minutes after he slumped and raced to the hospital but that itself was no heroic move.

Sudden cardiac death is the most likely cause of this bloodless Sunday evening tragedy.

A hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, perhaps

A dilated cardiomyopathy, maybe.

Ventricular tachyarythmias…could be a cause

But in every case, a CARDIOPULMONARY Resuscitation (CPR) is a life saver rather than hurrying to the hospital armed with a mountain of panic.

Right there on the field, clutch your hands as in the picture below. Go to the middle of the chest. Compress that area deeply with the “heel” of your palm 30 times. Then give 2 breaths in the mouth. Hence, the famous clinical 30:2 ratio. Repeat this all over again until you either get to the hospital or the patient’s clinical condition improves.

CPR lets blood get to the brain and delays tissue death significantly before trained hospital staff begin hi-tech resuscitation.

I’d advice you attend a Basic Trauma Life support training and get a certification, if possible. You can watch how CPR is done on YouTube, if you are too tied up and can’t make the trainings.

I can still hear the family sobbing outside our facility

“Nothing was wrong with this guy before now. He even played the keyboard at Mass this morning.” That is the puzzle they are mostly encumbered with.

But he’s gone…for real…provoking a kind of grief no one anticipates on such a restful July evening.

If anyone on that team knew how to do a CPR, the story just might be different.

But now you know. It’s time to make the story different so that another mother won’t be childless–a sobering and steel-cold experience.

Watch the short video below to learn how to perform a CPR.

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