Learn How To Manage Your Career And Relationship

Learn How To Manage Your Career And Relationship

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“Anyone that doesn’t work should not eat”, that is a popular saying culled from the Holy Bible and I am sure you have heard that before or may be you have quoted it too. While there is this part of us that is constantly aiming for success in our chosen career, there is another part that yarn for love and affection from people around, for this post, we will be focusing on one aspect, that is romantic relationship, specifically learning how to manage your career and relationship.
Learn how to manage career and relationship, Couples sitting
Let me ask you, how do you know that someone indeed loves you? By what he says? Or you belong to team #actionspeakslouderthanvoice? I know we all want to be shown love, having someone saying I love you seems too convenient without concrete actions to back it up. I know love overcomes all things, but you are not in a relationship with love in the abstract form, you are in a relationship with a person, a mortal with needs, how well you meet these needs is like the oil that sustains the motion of your relationship, there are no two ways about it. I know some have had to let  go a great relationship because they just couldn’t handle it with their  career, here is the good news, you don’t have to break up a relationship simply because you think you can’t handle it with the demands of your job, all you need to do is to be wise and things will eventually fall into places.
Without much ado, let’s talk about some things that will definitely help you to manage your career and relationship if you will take them to heart and act accordingly.
 1. Treat Her Like A Person: I am using the feminine adjective here because this relates to women more, most especially in this part of the world. How do you see her in your Mind? That girl you deeply care about or that person that is around to do your bidding and make you feel good about yourself, if you treat her like the later, chances are you will pay attention to her need, treating her like you will want yourself to be treated, but if you see her as a tool, you will treat her like you will treat your washing machine, just an engine you use when you need it and which you fix once in a while in order to become more useful to you. So the first thing is not buying flowers and jewelries, but working on your mindset.
 2. Don’t make him/her compete: I know we live in a crazy world where people are as busy as hell, but no matter how busy you are, don’t make her feel like she is in a race with your career, no one want to have the feeling that they need to compete with your work and win before they can have your attention.
 3. Never see him/her as a distraction: I meant distraction here in two senses, one, don’t see him as someone to distract you from the stress and hurdles of your job. Yea, it’s ok to seek solace in the company of our beloved, but to see her as just a distraction is not cool, especially if you deeply care for her. Secondly, don’t see him as a distraction, an obstacle or hindrance to achieving your goals and dreams, a relationship is not considered serious till the two parties are able to understand and accept each other’s ambitions and dreams, at least to a reasonable extent, therefore, let there be a deep understanding between you two and learn to work things out.
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I believe you’ve picked one or two things, thanks for visiting this blog, hope to have you here again. And don’t forget to drop your comment below.

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