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Scandal Star Kerry Washington Shares Secrets To Achieving Ageless Beauty

Kerry Washington

Looking good and forever young is a dream of many if not all women and it doesn’t matter where you are from or the skin colour, being an ageless beauty is an innate desire of all women. But here lie the difference, while some women are merely wishing to look forever young; women like Kerry Washington are putting in efforts to beat nature by looking way younger than their age.

Apart from being blessed by a petite stature, the famous actress who is famous for her role in the popular ABC TV series ‘Scandal’ where she played the role of Olivia Pope, revealed her journey to achieving her envious look has not always been smooth, “I have eczema, and I have been going to a dermatologist since I as eight years old. I have has a long time to think about moisturising and things like that.

Kerry Washington revealed her beauty routine and I am sure we all can benefit from them, after all, she has results, her dewy skin is a testimony.

1. Sleeping With Make-Up: If there is one routine Kerry Washington sticks to religiously, it is not sleeping with makeup on. She says, ‘I never ever sleep with makeup on. At the very least, I take it off, but I try to really wash my skin after that.’

2. Daily makeup Routine: Speaking of her daily make up routine, Kerry said she doesn’t wear lots of makeup when she is not working. ‘Well, I’m lucky that I get to wake up and put my shoes on and then go sit in a chair and I have somebody make me look beautiful, you know? When I’m not working, I try to not wear a lot of makeup. I have my foundation and moisturizer, and that’s it,” She said.

Kerry Washington

3. Hair Routine: if you are a fan of the Scandal series, you would have seen the gorgeous mother of two rock her natural hair a few time. Kerry revealed she has been keeping her natural hair since she was in her 20s ‘“I try to use clarifying shampoo every other week because I swim a lot and use a lot of product. Also — I know this isn’t usually thought of as hair stuff — but I take fish oil, and I find that my skin and hair really benefit from it. I take it at night, though, so you don’t have to deal with burping up fish oil all day.”

“I have grown to like my hair more and more over the years. I won’t have any chemicals in it. I stopped relaxing my hair in my early 20s.”

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4. Best beauty lesson from Momma: Although scientists are divided over the influence of water on the skin, Kerry said her mother ensured she drinks water first thing in the morning and that has been her way of life ever since ‘Drink a lot of water. My mom was definitely one of those ‘Before you have a cup of juice, you have to have a cup of water’ moms. I wouldn’t call her a water connoisseur, but she really appreciates it. When she has some good well water, she’s like, ‘Mmmm, that’s good water.’

5. Beauty indulgence: If you wear heels a lot or stand long on your feet all day, you may want to indulge yourself like Kerry Washington. ‘Massages. I love them because they fall in that in-between for me: half beauty, half wellness. It’s something I do because I’m in heels a lot and I work really long hours. And I have a lot of pressures in my life. So massages are a good way for me to maintain my health and wellness, but also I feel like I’m doing something indulgent. And I’m a deep-tissue girl. I ask for the strongest massage therapist. Unravel me. Get in there.’

If there is anything to learn from this article, it is that the secret to achieving ageless beauty is not always about money and expensive products, there are some simple routines we often overlook. Of course, you should spend money on your look so far you can afford it, but be sure you are applying products that suite your skin type or you may be in ‘trouble’.

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Source: Allure

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