I Want Sex

I woke up feeling ravenous, my whole Being felt famished, my heart throbbed; i felt a slow, sweet and soft affection-there was a burning passion, my warm  yet cold body  aches for something more. So evocative it was that it enthralled me…something unusual, something is missing….Am hungry for SEX.  Hmm! There and there, I knew a need had arisen, and it demands exigent attention. But how exactly am I going to deal with this?  It’s really unsettling me within, I have imagined, fantasized, and pictured…my imagination gives me a voluptuous feeling and fulfillment. Who will help me fill this great lacuna and leave me satisfied, and of course  leave me  yearning for more?

Life just have a way of bringing to your face your very state of being, leaving you to ponder on the actualization. SEX to me, was initially handled with levity, until the reality of its importance dawned on me and I felt the urge. You know sex is all over, everywhere I turn- on TV, Radio, Social Media, at work, at home, on the street, even in the church…I see the very dire need of mine being met in another person, every young people does it…even the old aren’t tired of having SEX, why am I different? In fact, the rate at which it is perpetrated interests me and makes me clamour for it. This body needs to be ravished with SEX now and always.

LOL….i got you there. Was I talking about SEX in terms of mating or intercourse? No! I meant a desire for Success, Expedition and Xenagogue, S.E.X

Opportunity, no matter how minute it is, presents itself to everyone at every stage of life; whether it becomes a reality is then dependent on each individual, it therefore mean that an opportunity properly and maximally utilized is tantamount to SUCCESS. Thank God for this generation of ours, where people have moved against all odds in this despicable and depressed state of the nation, to a state of ‘doing’ and achievement. There are lots of young people out there doing beautifully well, giving their best shot to life, making impacts, being productive; attaining their aims..succeeding in their chosen field, but then you ask, why am I  still on the same spot? Rather than feeling  despondent, remarkable success stories around you should spur you to challenge yourself, what can I do to be successful?

Success is a mindset, it is a mentality- if you can perceive it, you can see it; and of course with the required effort and action i.e. hard work embedded in transparency and accountability,  you can achieve it. Am certain no one wants to be a failure, nevertheless, success doesn’t come easy; it does not just present itself on a platter of gold, it hides itself for you to find and unravel. Therefore, to attain an altitude of success, you can’t afford to be static or live in self-pity; you can’t blame fate or others, you are responsible for either your failure or success. I am famished for success, and I know it doesn’t come easy, but I know that someday soon it will ensue if I zealously take my future in my hands. So let’s make a move, make a change and as Fergie sang …  ‘Breakaway, launch forth’.

How do I journey in life to actualize my purpose and it will translate to an Eldorado for me?  I want to live PURPOSE, yet I also want prosperity and abundance. This, just like success isn’t attainable by human strength, it requires divine aid-God. That’s why our reasonable desire and yearning today and tomorrow should be more of God. Success itself is part of our earthly expedition, and it isn’t peculiar to a facet of life, but ALL; therefore, if you succeed in one phase and let go of God, how do you continue in life? How would you attain success in other sphere? I don’t know how you measure success, but I know it’s not just in excellence, wealth, riches, great innovation or even assets. Success may or may not be abundant; it could just be financial success (prosperity), while you lack success in kingdom matters or health, or perhaps family life. Expedition with God makes one extemporize as against human reasoning.

It is a fact that we are strangers in this world, therefore in our earthly expedition we need a guide that is versed with the terrain. You need information and assistance in that field you are exploring or about to explore. Virtually all areas of life demand a guide- Finance, Career, Business, Relationships and even Religion. How are you handling your finance? Do you even have a saving culture or plan for your spending? Do you know that somebody has towed that career path of yours before and can give you insight? And when the economic state threatens your business, what will you do..don’t you think you need a tutor?  I might strike you like a fanatic, but the truth remains that all of these sphere are embedded in one- the spiritual! Things materialize physically after it’s concluded spiritually; therefore we need a greater guide that will lead us through life tours through human aid at different point in time.

Like I did, I desire you yearn for S.E.X like am doing, and thereafter strive to actualize it. I implore you to crave for a walk with your maker today and eternally, it will help you journey with aim, focus and promptness; there will be orderliness, for somebody greater is ordering your step and making you see end results even from the beginning. It’s a walk of ease- a purposeful walk with the ‘manufacturer’. I desire that you hunger for Success, a godly Expedition; seek a true Xenagogue today and get a worthy life in return.

About The Writer 
‘Mobolanle is a graduate of Sociology, ‘Proudly’ Christian, a seasoned writer, lover of relationships; with core interest in life-shaping. She blogs at where this article was first published.

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