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How To Prevent Your Makeup From Creasing Or Smearing

Having the heat ruin our make, most especially our foundation is one incidence any woman will want to avoid at all cost. But then, the weather is not always favorable you will agree. But whatever may cause your make up to melt, be it the weather, stress, anxiety or just nature, a melted make up can be very embarrassing.

So what do you do if your make up get ruined? There are many things you can do, but the first is to make sure that doesn’t happen at all. You may think you can’t control some situations; this I agree with, but do the little you can, and be mindful of the type of product you buy and how you apply them. This is actually more important than you can imagine. Buy make up items that fits your skin and ensure you apply them moderately.

So how can you prevent your make up from breaking?

1. Run: Yes, if the weather is getting too hot, run from the place if you can and seek ‘refuge’ somewhere else. Once you begin to feel your cheek burn or a light sensation that feels like little drops of sweat, then it is time to leave the place and get in somewhere cooler.

2. Avoid Heavy Foundation: do you know why they call it foundation? It is the first layer of your makeup; it practically holds other makeup item you use together. Don’t fall into the temptation of applying foundation excessively because you want to look lighter and fresher; aside looking like a masquerade, you also run a greater risk of having your make up melted. So being moderate is key, never forget that.

3. Avoid dark color: If you are going out in the sun or you envisage heat wherever you are going, then you have no business with dark shades or colors. Don’t rock smoky eyes, dark blushes and others. These colors will be more noticeable when broken and they melt easily under the sun.

4. Rock Lip Gloss: Making your lips colorful will definitely make you more attractive and cute but who says a good lip gloss cannot also work the magic? Lipsticks can get easily ruined if the weather get too hot, so why not try a lip gloss during a heat day.



5. Go water Resistant: Makeup items that are water resistant can easily get smudged in heat, so you may want to consider water resistant products when doing a makeup shopping, most especially during summer.

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