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How To Prepare And Store Nigerian Tomato Stew In Easy Steps

How To Prepare And Store Nigerian Tomato Stew In Easy Steps

Have you tasted some awesome jollof rice, corn beef stew and you are wondering how it was made because no matter how much you try, you have been unable to achieve the same result? Well, the answer you need on how to make a great Nigerian stew may be here.

Here is an advantage of this procedure. You can prepare as much as you desire per time and reserved in a freezer pending the time you need it.

Whenever you want to prepare jollof rice, corn beef stew, tomato sauce, tomato and chicken stew, spaghetti surprise, and others, all you need to do is to bring out your already prepared tomato stew ahead of time and add the appropriate quantity.

Follow these steps to prepare a great Nigerian Tomato stew:


  • Plum tomatoes
  • Thick tomato paste
  • Vegetable oil
  • Onions.


Step 1: Wash your tomatoes (Best to use plum tomatoes).

Step 2: Cut the tomatoes into 2 and remove the seed using the index finger (except your blender can grind tomato seeds, then you don’t need to remove the seed).

Step 3: Cut the tomatoes into smaller pieces then pour inside a blender, add enough water and start blending to make a tomato puree.

Step 4: Pour the tomato into a pot and set on fire to boil at high heat to ensure water completely dries from the tomato puree.

Step 5: Chopped the onions into smaller pieces .

Step 6: Pour the tomato paste into a bowl and mix with water (Enough water to blend with the boiled tomato puree).

Step 7: When you are sure the tomato puree is dried, reduce the heat, pour the chopped onion and then add vegetable oil and start frying (make sure the vegetable oil) you add is sufficient.

Step 8: Continue to stir till you can see the oil become clear(Scoop a small portion of the oil in the spoon to check).

Step 9: Add the tomato paste and continue to fry and stir till the oil becomes clear again

Step 10: Pour out the oil gently (allow the stew to settle to be able to pour as much oil as possible.

Step 11: You can preserve the oil to be used next time (Pour in a bottle and keep inside a freezer)

Step 12: Lastly, dish out the fried stew into small containers to be kept in a freezer for future use.

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