How To Handle The Past In A New Relationship – Tosin’s Story

How To Handle The Past In A New Relationship – Tosin’s Story

Unknown Anointing-Hunger Empowerment (A Short Story)
How To Handle Your Past In A New Relationship (Concluding Part)
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Theirs was like the stories we read in novels, talking about Prince charming coming to rescue the princess in distress.

Tosin left her house to go visit her friend in one area a little far from hers, she had left her house in an excitement to see her friend without noticing nothing was really amiss. She got to the junction and stopped the first commercial motorcycle to come her way to take her to the bus stop. On getting to the bus stop, she opened her bag to get money from her purse, it was then she remembered she left the purse on her table at home and she didn’t remember to pick it, though she thought she did.

All her plea fell on deaf ears, the Okada man insisted he must collect his money and he refused to take her back home despite her promise to triple his money. She was there, looking around in confusion when she noticed a car pull up beside her. Her situation did not allow her to notice him cause she was close to tears, more so as people were already gathering and the Okada man won’t stop talking, calling her a thief and a ritualist.

Samuel dipped his hand into his pocket, brought out some money and dismissed the Okada man, but he couldn’t dismiss the small crowd that had gathered. On seeing the situation, Samuel took her to his car, asked for the direction to her house, and he took her home. He dropped her in front of the gate of her house, but not without collecting her phone number.

That was how they started, he mostly did the calling, they talked on the phone for at least one hour every day talking about God knows what despite his busy schedule. Tosin knew they had something, plus they were both single.

They had a lot in common and were at peace with each other. Tosin wanted a commitment, something lasting, so does Samuel, but the lesson Tosin was yet to learn is that slow and steady win the race.

They agreed to go on a date immediately Samuel return from his business trip which took him out of town 3 weeks, just 2 days after he met Tosin. The date was all she hoped it would be, Samuel was down to heart, witty and funny, and from their conversation, she discovered he loves God too and he is really deep. Seeing all these, she decided to take him to her past.

Tosin shared how she got pregnant when she was just 17 years, how it was the most difficult time in her life when Samuel asked where the child is, she told him he is living with her mother. Samuel said OK and changed the topic which Tosin found a bit strange as she was expecting him to ask questions about the story she just told and maybe tell her something she should know about him too.

The date ended some minutes after that and so was their budding relationship. The frequency of Samuel’s call dropped and so did his chats, she did most of the calling now and he rarely pick the calls, when he picks, he made sure he ended the call as quickly as possible,  giving her one excuse or the other. When she realized he was avoiding her, she decided to give him a break. She stopped calling, hoping he will get back to her, but he never did.

No matter how much she tried,  Tosin couldn’t place her hand on what has gone wrong. What was Toyin’s mistake? Join me tomorrow as we examine her error.

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