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#WeddingInspiration: See These Colorful Bridesmaids Outfit Ideas

bridesmaids and the bride

What are the things people look at a wedding? the bride! of course, everybody wants to see the bride, especially her wedding gown and makeup. Another thing they want to see is the cake, then some want to see the decorations too. The bridal train or call them bridal squad is another thing people look out for. So are you a soon to be bride? If yes, then you need to see these colourful bridesmaids outfit ideas

People want to see your bridesmaids, are they pretty or they are just normal? what about the dress? is the colour cool? what about the design, is it oK? And not to mention about the eligible bachelors who may want to lurk around the wedding venue to ‘chyke’ the pretty bride’s maids.

but you as the bride need to know one thing, the bridesmaids are basically there to add a glint and colour o your wedding; this explains the reason some brides opt for a pretty large bridal’s train. The colour they are to add is not just about the day, the memory they will create with you through photographs can go from generation to generation.

with this said, you may want to think twice about all the choices you will make regarding this aspect of your wedding planning.

So what should you look out for in choosing bridesmaids? of course, they should be your friends and family, people you love and care about, but your wedding is not a community project, although lots of people may want to be a part, you need to decide who will fill the few spots, there is no need having tens of ladies all because you need to satisfy people. 7 or less is recommended, but then, it is your wedding your rules.

And by the way, having a bridal squad is not a do or die, if you don’t want it, you have every right not to include it on your list.

See 9 more photos:
Bridesmaids dress

Bridesmaids dressBridesmaids dress

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Bridesmaids dress

Bridesmaids dress
A two coloured bridesmaids squad can give your bridal train aesthetic effects, but you need to be sure the colours your are combining can work well together

Bridesmaids dress

Bridesmaids dress
These Asian beauties proofs you can combine many colours, but be sure you don’t overdo it
Bridesmaids dress
If you don’t want different colours on your train but still desires variety, you can choose two shades of the same colour like we have here

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