Check Out Some Possible Reasons A Relationship May Fail 2

Check Out Some Possible Reasons A Relationship May Fail 2

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Ever wondered why some relationships are succeeding why some are failing despite all efforts put into them? The reasons are not far-fetched, most times, they are the little things we ignore. Of course, it is not possible to list all that can lead to a failed relationship, most especially because we are all different people and have to deal with different people too, but am sure you will be able to see one or two things to learn from here.

The first I will talk about is getting the right person, this is where we all have to learn that the fact that the person is good doesn’t mean that the person is right for you.

We are all unique but even as unique as we are, we need to pair up with someone who complements our uniqueness, this is where maturity comes to play, it is not about what I want but what I need, wants are not essential and they can be superficial, but our needs run deeper, if you go in pursuit of what you want, one day, you will crave for what you need and gradually, your interest in the relationship will dwindle and you will begin to seek that which you need.

For example, no matter how much you love your fruit drinks, you need water more, so if you stock up your house with different brands of fruit drinks and you refuse to buy water, you will soon discover how useless your fruit drinks are and you will start craving water, why? Because water is not necessarily something you want, but something you need to survive.

There are some things we count as dear to us simply because of the importance we put on them, not because we really need those things, therefore, it is important to know be able to discover those things that you want from those you really need. To be continued…

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