Understanding The Fatherly Priesthood
He Called The Twelve, Where Was Matthias?
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The word of Jesus is again coming to us today. “But why you call me ‘Lord, Lord,’ and do not do the things which I Say?” In fact, you have been with me for so long now, you called me master before all and sundry, everybody seems to recognize you as Christians, a member of one particular denomination like that, very much up and doing obvious to all, but of course you’ve only been ‘hearing’ not even listening and you’ve not put the whole of your heart into it all along, it has not become part of you. You’ve not been practicing it.”

We should however be careful to note something here, we should note that the bible is not just talking to some set of unbelievers who have no experience with God at all, on the contrary, this part is for those that have acknowledged Jesus as their single Master, they that called Him “Lord, Lord”.

“Whoever comes to me, and hear my sayings and does them, I will show you whom he is like.”
 From here, we can identify three set of crowds and three different stages of Christianity; they are:

Those who comes to Jesus
Those who hear Jesus’ sayings
Those who do what they have listened to

1. Those who comes to Jesus: Let’s talk about the first category of people that Jesus Himself was talking about here, those that came to Jesus. What could have made them spare some time, to leave the luxury in their own house; a place of comfort, looking for a man they all assume was a fanatic during His days? A religion pusher, a man whose end would soon appear as some others who had come in like manner as Him some years back (Acts 5:35-38). Remember the thousands who ate from the 5 loaves of bread and two fishes? They had followed Jesus out of town to hear him preach, even with the danger of an empty stomach. Of course, the bible made mention of some of the few things that could have made them pay this sacrifice. It may be because of the miracle, the free food, the desire to be well updated and in the loop, (Matthew 14:19-20, 15:32-38, 16:1, Mark 6:53-56, John 6:22-26), the list is endless, yet so much of these are found in what drive our contemporary Christians to the place of Jesus without considering that they ought to do the work of God and not just run after frivolities.

They may decide to go to church, filled with activities, they get things going, they get into the ceremony, dancing, buying and selling, but they give less concern to the Word of God when its coming from the throne, yes! The Throne. Not the altar as mere representation of religious instrument. For there are many church leaders in this same category, not as though they don’t read the bible to their congregation or preach the little they could but the words of letters on our altars can’t be compared to the same word of Life that Jesus talked about (John 6:63), no doubt we may find larger percentage of Christian brethren in this category. They talk but they themselves are never quickened let alone the hearers. Jesus said, ‘the words that I speak to you, they are spirit and they are life’ John 6:63b.

2. Those who hear Jesus sayings: The second category are those that are good hearers, not listeners. Thank God that they are even into hearing, but listening with the heart would have done much good than harm. They hear, in fact quick to hear for that matter, but they are like the seed that fell by the road side Jesus talked about from the parable of that farmer that went outside to plant seed and the bird came only for it to be eaten up within some days, it never waited to germinate nor to grow some roots. They are the set that attend church programs, WORD FEASTs, and came back confessing “oh, indeed it was an experience in the presence of God, oh, the message was powerful, oh this, oh that,” but what the topic really was, they’ve forgotten, what has it really addressed in their life, hard to point it out in particular. They are usually the first to get the light of the gospel, they are revelations driven, always getting new insights into the word of God but without meaningful impacts in their lives.

3. Those who do what they have listened to: The third category are those who do the word of God, the practical Christians, who are hell bent even though the tides is blowing against them, heart fully trusting God that the situation will not overcome them but they have overcome even long before they were born through Christ Jesus our Lord, Amen (John 17:20, 16:33). They which are constantly and consistently brazing up by the WORDs of whom they have admitted Master in the face of life challenges. Those that the winds of doctrines would not take away in times of little and tough challenges for they know that this HOPE MAKEs NOT ASHAME (Rom 5:1-5). They are those that have stored up the words of God in them ahead of time like the five wise virgin. They don’t study the scripture to preach neither to win an argument, not even to sound as a bible scholar but rather to walk with knowing that they can’t think outside of God nor make a decision out of God’s decision, having the mind that only through God can they work and walk, which will therefore drive them to get instructions from Jesus Himself at any slight opportunity.

Now, I want you my reader to get something straight from this point, that i am not just trying to stress a particular sin upon you again, on the contrary, the Lord is calling our individual attention to becoming keen with His word to get things happen in our individuals lives; applying the principles of the kingdom to get our inheritance.

That we should not just be filled with the written word alone, remember that ‘the letter killeth’, but that the written word should carry life in our lives, the life that can transform and make perfect. That we will not be full of activities but we will be fill with the Spirit of Him whom the Scripture called The Word of God. Amen

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