Be Like Miriam: Step Out And Conquer

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Written By: Bamise Egbewole

Then the baby’s sister approached the princess. “Should I go and find one of the Hebrew women to nurse the baby for you?” she asked.
Exodus 2:7 (NLT)
The book of Exodus chapter two verse four to nine contains the account of Miriam taking her brother Moses to the river to save him from the fiery rage of Pharaoh. It happened that Pharaoh was intimidated by the population growth of the Israelites, so he ordered for the execution of the little ones, the future and hope of Israel, cruel you will say right? But it also happened that there was this Levite woman who decided that her son was too beautiful to die, hence Miriam’s journey to the river carrying baby Moses in a specially woven basket.
In those days of absolute monarchy, no one would have ever imagine crossing the path of the ranked and file in the city without been specially invited but from the life of Miriam (elder sister of Moses ), what really inspired me was her boldness. She was a stranger, better called a slave, yet she refused to let go the glory of her family on the platter of human ideas dressed in the garment of law and prestige while she watch from afar mournfully, dwelling in self pity. She took a step with a bold heart and moved to where the princess was having her bath. After all the scripture says “the righteous are as bold as lion” Prov 28:1b. I felt Joy in my heart as I imagined her like Esther, saying ‘if I perish I perish ‘ or  saying to herself ‘the worst is for her to snob me’ but the most important thing was that she took a step even though there was probability of fear locked within her heart, yet,  her action proved supreme to her feelings,  believe and cultural practices.
Do you know fear shouldn’t be a part of Christians, “the peace of God will guide your heart” says the scripture. We are not created to live in fear, timidity or as a coward. People at a distance kept admiring that potential in you, they wish they posses that skill and even that certificate of yours, but you are there, crippled by fear of ‘what if’ and ‘what if not’. But here is the ‘news’ keeping silent won’t make anyone know you are a bundle of solutions to their problems. Bowing your head in shame and cussing in a corner won’t do you any good. Of a truth, if you refuse to try, you may never win thereby remaining a silenced, shamefaced failure for the rest of your life.
You have heard of so many things about an organization, an idea, a job etc. and the reports have kept you thinking twice about your qualifications and acceptability, WHY NOT TRY FIRST. Make a move just as Miriam did and I bet you will be rewarded for your courageous action. A glory lies inside of you waiting for manifestation and unless you step out of your comfort zone, you will not realize your full potential. Let go the fear of failure which may never come and even if it comes thank God for it because you are definitely better than you were yesterday even though you may not be where you wish to be. Failure is a set back poised to make you better provided you aren learning and not making excuses. So step out,  Speak up and win the battle of your mind. Move out and break the yoke of carving or camping your destiny. 
Hope you are having a great weekend? Do enjoy a blissful week ahead.
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