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Banky W and The Expired Lucozade Drink: Something You Must Learn

Banky W

What will you do if your eyes just stray to the expiry date of the drink you have been sipping on for the past few minutes only to discover the date written on it is 1-3-2017 and today is 20-4-2017? Drop the drink? Check the date to be sure you are actually in April and not in March? Scream and shout for help or drive yourself to the nearest hospital?

This scenario may look amusing or funny to someone who has never been in it, but to a man or woman who had swallowed an expired product in the past, I am sure this is “definitely no fun mehn!” The fear and uncertainty that follow are killing. Your stomach rumbles and you jump, you even imagine you are nauseous or faint when you are actually okay, all because you don’t know the contents, especially chemical contents of what you just ingested.
We woke up this morning to the news of the popular singer Banky W expressing his fear of death over a bottle of Lucozade drink he drank. According to him, he was halfway into the drink before he discovered the expiry date on it was March. March? For God’s sake, April is almost over. What is that drink still doing in the market?
Banky W drank expired lucozade boost
The Expired Drink
Today, Banky W expressed his fear and we all heard him, but there was a day I bought a bottle of body lotion from a so-called pharmacy, I got home before I discovered the cream had become watery with particles inside. Of course, I returned it the next day, but hey ‘our return policy doesn’t allow that baby’. I was angry and sad, I had wasted my money and my time. I could have gone to the social media and rant but no one would have heard me, ‘I ain’t no celebrity mehn’, so I ranted a little at that store and took it in good fate.
Mine was a body lotion, Banky’s was a bottle of drink, to someone else, it is something edible, to many others, drugs. I bought that cream from a pharmacy, if they could sell expired cream, they can sell expired drugs too, and this is worse.
So what should you do as a consumer? PROTECT YOURSELF! No one can do that for you. The manufacturer of the drink Banky took can claim the product had left their care a long time ago, putting the blame on the wholesaler or the retailer. Those two too will put the blame on something or someone. The buck rest on your table as the consumer, you need to take charge and be sensitive to these things.
I actually think it is a crime to eat sausage roll popularly called gala without first checking the expiry date. Come to think of it, the expiry date of this particular product is just two weeks from the date of production, two weeks is too short for some people to dispose of all they have in stock, same goes for other products too.
Endeavor to check the expiry dates of the products you buy before ingesting them. If despite all the government is doing through NAFDAC, fake and expired drugs, food and drinks still find their way into the market, then you need to protect yourself.
Have you noticed that silver line on drug packs? All you need to do is scratch it gently, send the code to the number provided at no cost, and wait for confirmation message to know if the drug is genuine or fake. But I bet many of us aren’t even aware of this development.
This is a call for us to be watchful and responsible, it is Banky today, he came out to warn us so that the same thing won’t happen to us. 
This is also a big shout out to Banky W for taking out time to come out to complain about what happened to him and raise awareness. Trust some Nigerians to bash him for being careless, but we love and appreciate you anyway.
Do you have an experience close to the ones described above? Please share it in the comment box below and be a part of the discussion. Enjoy the rest of the day!

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