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Life-Link with Folks is a relationship, inspirational and lifestyle blog focuses on issues that have to do with life and living. The blog is a community for the young and old. Where you are from or what you do is not an issue, what matters is that you desire to live a quality life.

Life-Link with Folks is a growing community and do not hesitate to reach out to me if you wish to be a part of the vision… Join me, let’s influence our world together.

Life-Link with Folks

About Me

My passion to see others live a happy and fulfilled life started from way back. I desire to be that girl that can listen to you, hear your thoughts and challenges and be there for you when I can. My desire to help others achieve a qualitative life inspired me to start this blog and I know it is a beginning of greater things. I am not perfect…far from it, Folukemi (or Folks4luv) is just that girl that wants to listen to you when you are afraid that no one will understand…

I am a trained journalist, an aspiring speaker, a writer, a counsellor, a teacher (of the scripture), a social media enthusiast, and of course, a Jesus lover. Do you wish to know me or have something to share with me? Then let’s chat on Whatsapp – +2348064395985


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