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9 Important Functions Of Your Liver You Should Know

Important functions of the liver

Do you know that your liver performs about 500 functions? I bet you don’t. Our body is made up of different vital organs; one of them is the liver. The liver is undoubtedly crucial to life when the liver is damaged, the overall health is affected. But the good news is that unlike some other vital organs, the liver can regenerate itself, but the bad news is, because of our lifestyle and exposure to many toxic substances, added to our eating and drinking habit, the liver is being asked to take on too much and this may affect its ability to regenerate and function effectively.

People do say what you don’t know can’t kill you, but that is a lie, knowing what can hurt you and taking precautionary measures to curtail them may save you money, if not your life. Below are some 9 important functions Of your liver you Should know

  1. It stores iron and vitamins: see your liver as a reservoir that stores iron and vitamins that your body needs to function. This is to say thanks to your liver iron and vitamins you take in do not just go down the drain, your liver stores them for when the body needs them.

2. It makes bile: You may be wondering ‘what has bile got to do with it?’ Without bile, your stomach can’t digest food and the liver produces the bile you need. So next time you feel bloated or constipation, remember to slow down a bit and treat your liver right.

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3. Detoxification: the liver helps the body detoxify harmful chemicals ingested. Without the liver, chemicals from drugs, alcohol, beer, wine, even illegal substances can kill us.

4. Stores Energy: The liver stores energy (carbohydrates, glucose and fat). Without the liver the sugar level in the blood could fall drastically, leading to a coma.

5. Helps blood flow: The liver has been working even before we were born. It is the liver that regulates the blood that gets the system going when we were still in the womb. Without the liver, we won’t even be here.

6. Produces Protein: The liver manufactures new proteins that the body needs to grow properly.

7. Removes Poison from oxygen: Everyday, we breathe in dangerous and harmful chemicals without even knowing it. Thanks to the liver, the body is protected from this harmful air.

8. Produces blood clotting: The liver produces clots that help in stopping blood flow when we bleed as a result of accidents or injuries. Without the liver, we would just bleed to death through severe blood loss.


p style=”text-align: left;”>9. Defends the body: The liver helps in defending the body against germs. The liver takes on those cold germs, flu bugs and other germs we encounter. The liver kills these infections or at least weakens them. Now that you have learned some major important functions of the liver, don’t you think this important organ deserves more care and attention?

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